The standard warehouse system (Zamil), with a height of 7.5m, wide open and shelving system, serves the needs of small to medium size; Leasing space varies from 50m3 or more.


Warehouse standards:

  • Zamil Steel Warehouse, high ventilation
  • Having fire alarm / fire fighting system as prescribed.
  • CCTV system
  • 24/24 Professional security system.
  • Shelving system, pallet service according to standard warehouse; Classify goods, serve FIFO / LIFO standards …

Service standards

  • Served according to guest needs, guests report the time of moonlighting over the working day or before.
  • Providing package management, lifting, checking, packaging and labeling services.
  • Goods are insured for $ 1,000 / m3 compensation.
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS) with info software (USA), bar code management and on demand reporting; Incorporation reports, export / import bills; Online reports; Detailed service listing …
  • Handle complaints, damage, loss according to standard time and service.

Types of warehouse

  • Dry warehouses (electronics, household appliances, distribution, consumption …)
  • Cool, cold storage (food, medical equipment, drinks, high value, fruits, vegetables …).
  • Ancillary services.

Implementation experience:

  • Small, medium and large partners at home and abroad.
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