Trucking service

Bao Van provides package transportation services according to the tonnage (consoled) for the city delivery, the provinces in the whole country, the transport of full trucking or consoled goods in the nationwide,

IMG_0174Transportation services of Bao Van guarantee the following principles:

  • Transportation means (including mainly box trucks), manufactured from 2016 to 2017.
  • Vehicle weight according to specifications (tonnage and volume).
  • 100% GPS-equipped vehicles to ensure accurate cruise tracking, standard time and speed.
  • The team of drivers, subcontractors or loading (upon request) service according to professional standards, meet the requirements of customers.
  • The goods are transported by the driver or the delivery of the Bao Van according to way bill of transport.
  • Compensation policy and road standards in accordance with regulations.
  • Always ensure punctuality, delivery of the right people and signing the full proof of delivery.
  • Goods must be accompanied by full papers, invoices, delivery notes cum internal transport (consignment, storage) in accordance with regulations.
  • Goods are purchased insurance of prestigious units in accordance with regulations.
  • Served 24/24 and all days, including holidays. Customers confirm the time during working hours, and at least 2 hours in advance for the city transport, 4 hours in the province.

Experience deployment

Bao Van has served the following customers:

  • Distribution of supermarkets (rigorous standards of attitude, costumes, time and documents);
  • Beverage system (heavy and fragile);
  • High value goods like fashion clothes, electronics;
  • Audio, lighting equipment, especially for the project, night transport and large number of vehicles / on request.
  • Goods in industrial zones of provinces; Access to, registration and knowledge of the industrial zone system.

IMG_0178Achievements acquired.

  • The quality assurance ratio is over 99%, complies with transport standards; 100% write the required bill, meet the time to return the documents and provide full payment records as required.


The outstanding capability of Bao Van:

  • The number of vehicles to serve medium and large scale projects (10 vehicles or more). New media and quality assurance.
  • Have postal license, city-trucking allowances 24/24 for urban vehicles in accordance with regulations.
  • Principle of serving the package needs of guests, long-term cooperation goals.


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