Provide wood / plastic pallets (imported) according to demand.

Currently, Bao Van Logistics is the representative of some suppliers of plastic / wood pallets from Japan, Malaysia or China; The mode of supply is to advise guests on the type; Or accept orders on demand; number; Weight … and contracted to provide guests.


The delivery time for wooden pallets is 15-30 days (depending on quantity).

For plastic pallets are from 30-45 days.

Service standards:

  • Products are manufactured on the industrial chain.
  • Soaked, dried and fumigated according to technical requirements, ensuring the physical and durable.
  • The number of offers varied, with orders of 100 units or more.
  • Delivery, and immediately deal with problems (if any) to ensure the right requirements and quality for customers.

Product warranty

  • The products are under the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Ensure proper material (wood) and other technical requirements.
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