About us

Bao Van Logistics Services Co., Ltd has been operating since 2016, providing transportation, warehousing, custom brokerage with good quality and at competitive price.

The company’s goal is to provide reliable and dependable transportation services, as well as a reliable partner and package with customer requirements. The company manages the standard personnel, invests in technology and manages the service to maintain the quality and handle the problems well in the long term.

Available capacity of Bao Van Logistics

  • System of over 30 means of transport with trucks from 1.25 tons to 18 tons, container trucks 20FT / 40FT.
  • Postal permits, transportation business permits, and street permits are forbidden 24/24 for city cars.
  • 100% GPS for vehicle positioning and timing control.
  • 24/24 and 7 days / week services.
  • Transportation insurance coverage, fast compensation and compliance.

Main implementation experience:

  • Supermarkets & convenience stores (Vinmart, Big C, Coopmart, Bibomart …)
  • Agent, distributor or reseller at nationwide.
  • Provided transportation network to industrial parks throughout the North and Central
  • Transportation of food products, beverages, high-grade garments.

Vision, mission

  • Become a leading provider of customer trust.
  • Focus on serving customers who need guaranteed service and two-way interaction.
  • Become the largest provider of transportation & distribution in 5 years.

Main Network:

  • Central warehouse system in Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh.
  • Transportation network downtown and provinces across the country.
  • Intercountry transportation for route Vietnam – Lao, borders in the North.