Regulation on customs clearance at ICD ports

Regulation on customs clearance at ICD ports

Decree No. 38/2017 / ND-CP, effective from July 1, on the construction, management and operation of ICD (Inland Container Depot) ports, clearly states that the State shall permit the conversion of customs clearance points for export and import goods into dry docks. When there is a demand for conversion, the investor shall submit a dossier set directly or sent in other appropriate forms to the Vietnam Maritime Administration.

Within 2 working days from the date of receipt, if the dossier is invalid, the Maritime Department shall send a document guiding the investor to complete the dossier. If the dossier is valid, the Maritime Department shall consult with the Ministry of Finance and the provincial-level People’s Committee of the locality where the port is to be built; appraise and report to the Ministry of Transport. Within 3 working days after receiving the report, the Ministry of Communications and Transport shall have to reply in writing or disapproval, clearly stating the reasons therefor.

Customs clearance for stored goods

Decree 169/2016 / ND-CP takes effect from 1 July stipulating the handling of goods kept by carriers at Vietnamese seaports.

Accordingly, for imported or exported goods which are kept by consignees who do not pick up or refuse to receive goods, the carrier may carry them for auction but must carry out customs procedures for the import of goods according to regulations.

Apart from the customs dossier for import goods according to regulations, the carrier must submit the following papers with the customs office: The written request for customs clearance for the import of goods for the goods subject to save; The originals of the evidence relating to the notification of the retained cargo in accordance with Article 7 of this Decree.

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